Newcomer Talents in Tech Eindhoven

Are you looking for new, talented IT-colleagues with fresh and unique perspectives? Or would you like to expand your professional network? On 17 May New Dutch Connections (NDC) organizes a network event, especially for professionals in the Tech field.

The event:
A group of IT-participants will present what they have learnt in the 10-week Python Bootcamp course. These talents will pitch their unique skills to you – and who knows: they might just be the perfect addition to your company!

The participants have different backgrounds in Tech and come from various countries around the world. But they all have the same thing in common: persistence and big dose of strength, since they had to build up their life after leaving their home country involuntarily.

During this event you’ll also enjoy a theater performance and live music. Actor Mo Hersi will perform an inspiring story, based on real-life events of someone with a refugee background. (This play is part of the theater serie Future Citizens) Host of the day: Bright O. Richards.

This evening is a closing event of the Python training of New Dutch Connections, Accenture and ASML. We celebrate the talents and would like to invite you to connect with the inspiring and promising newcomers. 

We would like to welcome you to our event in Eindhoven. Please sign up via this link:

Networking event – Newcomer Talents in Tech
Date: Friday 17 May 2024
Location: Pand-P (Eindhoven) Leenderweg 65, 5614 HL Eindhoven

Time table:

  • Doors open 14.30 uur
  • Start Pitches Talents 15.00 uur
  • Theater performance 17.30 uur 
  • Networking & free appetizers 18.00 uur