Messenger of the Gods

Hebben we controle over ons eigen leven of bepalen de goden ons lot?

Messenger of the Gods

Op zondag 5 juni presenteren we een speciale samenwerking tussen Àyànlérè Àlàmú Alájédé en Bright Richards. In deze performance vertelt Bright een Afrikaanse interpretatie van Oedipus. Àyànlérè begeleidt het verhaal als een meester in de Yorùbá drum traditie. Samen met andere Afrikaanse drummers laten zij zien hoe Afrikaanse en Europese culturen elkaar kunnen verrijken. De voorstelling laat ons met nieuwe ogen kijken naar een van de oudste vragen van de mensheid: Hebben we controle over ons eigen leven of bepalen de goden ons lot?

Wij heten u van harte welkom bij deze voorstelling. Kaartjes zijn op donatie basis, om te reserveren klik hier.

NB. de voorstelling is Engels gesproken


Do we control our lives or do the Gods control our fate?

Messenger of the Gods

On Sunday the 5th of June we present a special collaboration between Àyànlérè Àlàmú Alájédé and Bright Richards. In this performance Bright will tell an African interpretation of Oedipus. Àyànlérè will guide the story as a master in the Yorùbá drum tradition. Together with more African drummers they will show how African and European cultures can enrich each other. This will shed a new light on one of the most ancient questions of human kind: Do we control our lives or do the Gods control our fate?

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NB. the performance is in English


This performance is a collaboration between New Dutch Connections and the University of Utrecht. In this collaboration they will showcase the role of music and drumming in African folktales, oral genres, and musical theatre. This performance shows one can migrate and still connect to ones own (musical) roots. Furthermore, this performance aims to connect Dutch and Yorùbá culture and contribute to intercultural dialogue.

Mr. Àyànlérè Àlàmú Alájédé is a renowned Nigerian drummer. He was born into an Àyàn family (family of master drummers). He took drumming lessons and acquired the skills of a master drummer from his father, which includes mastery of all the talking drums, oral genres, sacred and secular practices, and various histories of the Yorùbá culture.

Bright Richards is a born Liberian actor. In the Netherlands he has performed in different Dutch theatre companies and has directed and played in two renowned productions: ‘As I left my Fathers house’ and ‘The Bright side of life’.

“This project is partially organized and funded by the Drum Languages Project at Utrecht University under the NWO grant “When Language Has a Beat”