Join the Future Academy

ENGELS-schrijfjeinThe Future Academy of New Dutch Connections (NDC) is the Academy where you can invest in your own future. The Future Academy organizes activities, full courses and workshops for (former) asylum seekers (30 years and younger) to let their talents and dreams flourish.

Free to join

If you are between 15 and 30 years of age you can join the Future Academy for free.

Maybe you already know what line of work you want to be in or you like assistance finding out what your future dreams are; The Future Academy professionals help you to achieve your goals. They will help you on your way, wherever your future may be.

Professional and personal development

The Future Academy is part of the New Dutch Connection Foundation (NDC). NDC supports your professional and personal development head on. NDC matches you with a coach and a buddy who will support you during your time at the Academy. NDC provides you with weekly training sessions and will help you develop your talents and skills.

Dutch professionals, from a wide array of businesses, train students at the Future Academy. The Academy organizes numerous different courses, workshops and trainee visits.

Join us and get in touch with the Dutch who are ready to guide you to your future dreams.

Send an email to Info[at]