1 day training by Accenture and ASML Have you already made your choice and want to pursue a career as a developer? Then, learning Python is where you might want to start. It is one of the most on demand tech skills to learn if you want to build the technologies solutions of tomorrow. Python is widely used across industries and has a strong community which makes it interesting for anyone starting in a Tech field. It is a versatile programming language as it can open doors to work in Web Development, Data science and AI. During this 10-week program delivered by advocated Pythonistas, you will not only gain theoretical and practical knowledge about Python but also get valuable skills to grow as a developer and tech professional. Take this opportunity to learn from professionals and get direct insights in the workplace of Accenture and ASML.

A Day in the life of…

1 day workshop by Accenture and ASML

tech days


You will have the opportunity to learn more about these roles and get a better
understanding of what their daily routine and tasks are and how they grow and bloom in a
dynamic corporate environment.
The specialists from ASML and Accenture will share their passion and experience for
working in Technology. You will get a glimpse of what they do concretely by learning
from a case study and reviewing business project examples.
At the end of the day, if you are convinced that a path in Technology is for you and you
want to pursue your learning to gain concrete tech skills in one of these roles, you will
have the opportunity to submit your interest to join one of Codemasters bootcamps to
specialize yourself and get one step closer to your dream Tech job.

You will experience an informative, interactive, and fun day at the impressive Accenture workplace.

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